Big Dog Journey: Through Natural Pet Food and Multilingual Expansion

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Isabel started Big Dog Company in 2007 from a small house in her garden. It has grown into a large, multilingual store built with WooCommerce, with more than 5 K customers and eight languages supported through Linguise.

Natural pet foods store start here...

This story begins when Isabel finds Joep, a six-month-old crossbreed in Newfoundland. He is a big, clumsy puppy with a golden character, no longer wanted by his previous owners due to the high cost of his upkeep. Having worked at Shell and traveled the world for over a decade, Isabel decides it is time to settle down and get a dog. That dog is Joep.

However, Joep had eating issues; he was too skinny for his age, and his muscles weren’t developing properly. The vet suggested steroids to stimulate muscle growth, but then Isabel was introduced to the world of Ready Fresh Meat (CDV). Skeptical at first, she was amazed to see Joep start eating voraciously, developing and growing happily. His coat shined like never before.

That moment of transformation led Isabel to think, “This is what every dog deserves.” Thus, Big Dog Company was born, inspired by, and named after Joep. The company has evolved from a one-person operation to a team united by a shared passion for dogs, cats, animals, the bond between pets and people, and natural pet food.

Struggling with other multilingual solutions

“Committed to its mission of providing high-quality natural food, BigDog aimed to make its “natural food”  more widely known by targeting international markets. The strategy involved creating a multilingual website to cater to a global audience.”

However, their journey to find the perfect website translation solution was fraught with obstacles. They used Google Translate but soon realized it needed to be better for their needs due to more manual work, inaccurate translations, and lack of SEO optimization support.  

Exploring other services led them to either too-expensive solutions or requiring a significantly larger budget. Big Dog needed a quality yet affordable solution to support their business expansion effectively.

That’s where  Linguise comes in…

Affordable Multilingual Solutions with High-Quality Translation

After discovering Linguise’s automatic translation at an affordable price packed with numerous features for their WooCommerce store, Big Dog expanded their market by adding eight languages. 

The languages included Deutsch, English, Español, French, Portuguese, Italiano, Polski, and Ελληνικά, enhancing their global reach.

Bigdog x Linguise

The quality and features provided by Linguise were unbeatable in price.  They found Linguise’s cost-effectiveness: “Imagine, with only $15, you can translate into an unlimited number of languages, while competitors charge up to five times more, at $79, and even then, limit you to just five languages.” 

“Supporting the latest Google AI technology for high-quality results,  Linguise WooCommerce translation plugin could automatically translate all store elements, not only product pages but also layouts, emails, AJAX carts, and the checkout process, boosting the store’s conversion rate significantly. “

Furthermore, the front-end editing feature and advanced options, such as text replacement and exclusion, provide flexibility to adapt to each locale and make the brand stand out.


Facing the challenge of marketing natural pet food in a global market, Big Dog needed an affordable solution for their multilingual website. They were looking for low-cost, high-quality, and customizable automatic translation. Linguise was the ideal solution, offering 100% automatic content translation into 85+ languages. This eased the process of translating and releasing content in 8 languages. By increasing product presence in targeted locales and enhancing the localized experience, this strategy created a positive market entry for them.

Ready to explore new markets? Try our automatic translation service for free with our 1-month risk-free trial. No credit card needed!

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