Billing FAQ

Yes, absolutely and there’s no limit on the number of page views. During the 1st month of the trial, you can translate up to 600 000 words, that is the PRO quota plan. The amount of translated words of your website can be checked anytime from your Linguise dashboard.

Yes, the trial can be used for each new domain registered, even if you have several domains under the same user account. Consider it as a 1-month free advantage.

Not at all. During the first month, you can translate up to 600 000 words of your website for free without giving any credit card. After the 1st month, you can check the translation quota you’ve used and select a plan.

When you reach the number of words translated included in your plan, the new translations will stop, the existing ones will continue to be served to your users.

Your translation quota can be checked from the Linguise admin dashboard.

Yes, an active plan is required to give translations to your customers. The translations are stored on a Linguise cache server and in a remote database. Every time a new content is detected on the website, the content will go through the translation API. That’s why an active plan is required.

That’s possible in the first step of the website domain registration or afterwards using a content exclusion rule. For example, it’s possible to exclude a blog translation in one or several languages by adding an exclusion rule by URL like*

Every plan and its translation quota is associated with one domain. Though, you can subscribe to an unlimited number of plans for multiple websites with one Linguise user account (if you have many clients for example).

Nope, you can use up all the 80+ languages available, the only limit is the number of words translated. We advise you to begin with one or two languages to test the translation on all the content you want.

Note the number of words translated limitation is: the number of words of your pages X by the number of languages.

Nope, the word count limit is only for automatic Neural Machine Translations. A translator can manually edit automatic translations with no limit.

It’s well known that 600-700 words per page are optimal for SEO. The major part of the web pages is around 500 words. You can check your word count here to get an estimate of some pages:

The amount of translated words of your website can be checked anytime from your Linguise dashboard.

That’s the number of times a multilingual page is loaded by your customers. 

The number of multilingual page views is not limited and can be consulted from the dashboard.

Because the major cost of the service is the amount of Neural Machine Translation and the Large plan has no limit.

If you are representing a web agency and want to  3 websites or more we can generate a discount for you. Just use the contact form here to get in touch, we’ll do the rest.

Global FAQ

For the automatic translations we use the Google and Microsoft neural translation API. This is the 2 top best in class API available on the market with a huge amount of language pair. The quality of the translation depends on:

– The original content
– The language pair (the most popular languages have the best quality)

To evaluate the quality of translation you can:

– Use our free one-month free trial
– Check our demo website here:
– Check some information about the language quality on this blog post 

Yes sure, it’s called “Live Editor” and the edition is made from frontend, the public side of your website. You have also the option to define access for translators (Translator / Manager / Admin).

More info here:
User access documentation:

Because the major cost of the service is the amount of Neural Machine Translation that is sent to the external translation API. While it’s possible to average the translation amount on a single website and through all customers, it’s not possible in a single plan that would include unlimited websites.

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