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Linguise installation

Install Linguise on Joomla

How to activate and install Linguise on Joomla: API Key, install the script and the Joomla module

Linguise dashboard

Dashboard statistics

Check your multilingual page views and other statistics from the Linguise dashboard

General FAQ

Linguise has a specific integration for the most popular CMS like WordPress or Joomla but it can be installed easily on all website systems based on PHP. See the PHP install documentation

Linguise provides multilingual content that should be indexed automatically in all search engines, like any other website pages. To accelerate the process we recommend to:

  • Connect your website to the Google Search Console
  • Submit multilingual sitemaps with only important pages
  • Make a regular check for any coverage issue in the Google Search Console
  • Exclude pages with poor content from the robot.txt
  • Analyze your multilingual traffic in Google Analytics
  • Improve neural translations on important pages with a human translator 

You can have several domains (websites) managed by one account. Each domain and sub-domains translations are billed separately.

Nope, there are around 100 languages available. Note that for better SEO optimization, at the beginning of the translation, it’s better to focus on the most important languages for your business.

Yes sure, any CDN will work with Linguise translation. The only modification you need to make is with Cloudflare WAF system. To return translation, Linguise translation needs to make a call to its own script on your server. This is something you need to exclude from WAF setting like that (replace IP by your server IP):