Language switcher setup from dashboard for the PHP script

Language switcher for PHP CMS We’re excited to announce a major new feature for our PHP CMS customers (PrestaShop, Magento…). All domain registered except WordPress and Joomla websites becaus they have their own native extension. We’ve implemented the possibility to configure the language switcher display with many design options such as layouts, flags shapes and […]

How to setup access for translators on your website?

How to setup access for translators on your website

A multilingual website needs to have an accurate translation according to the language’s cultural preferences. Machine translation or NMT alone often results in unnatural translations; therefore it doesn’t hurt to add a translator to your website. So, in this article, we will discuss how to manage access for translators on your website via Linguise. Benefit […]

Filter human-translated content and order translations by dates

Filtering in a translation plugin is essential. With the filter feature, users can easily search through several categories. Recently Linguise updated the filter feature on the dashboard. Currently, there are not only filters by language, original text, and translated text. But there is one more addition based on the date of editing. To use this […]

WordPress Linguise plugin new language display, transition, and DIVI fix

We are excited to announce the WordPress Linguise plugin has three new updates, a new language display, a transition, and a DIVI fix. You can find this update in the latest version of the Linguise plugin, 1.9.20. Then what does the Linguise plugin update look like? Check out each of the updates below. Linguise plugin […]

Update! Translate links and images from frontend

We’ve just rolled out a major update of our core translation system. It includes the translation of all external links (links to pages, to videos) and links to images. We’ve also added “background” dictionaries to improve the translation content. Translate your images and videos It’s now possible to “translate” all your images, meaning you can […]

How to translate WooCommerce emails with manual and automatic translation

WooCommerce Email Translation

WooCommerce email is something essential in an online business as it’s often the first contact you’ll have with your client. When running a multilingual Eshop it’s even more important to focus on because you’ll need a great message for your customer and a translated version of your message. Let dig into the 2 possibility offered […]

Become a website translation reseller with our affiliate program

We are pleased to announce our Linguise affiliate program. Interested in promoting Linguise on your blog, YouTube or any communication channel and making money? Join our affiliate program and earn a 20% commission for every sale you refer by recommending your favorite automatic translation solution! Affiliate program details 20% commission on every sale you generate […]

New version of the language frontend editor: meta translation and more!

Linguise has, since the beginning, a frontend language editor tool. Once you’re connected to your language dashboard, you can edit all the HTML content of your website with a simple click and edit method. New feature of the front end language editor Meta information automatic and manual translations The page meta information is automatically translated […]

Linguise translation WordPress plugin 1.5 update!

We are excited to announce the WordPress plugin that generates language switcher and alternate URL has received a major update, the 1.5 version. Major new features of the plugin WordPress Multisite automatic translation What is the WordPress Multisite for? The “multisite” feature of WordPress allows you to manage from a single interface multiple sites or […]

Linguise Joomla translation extension 1.1 update!

We are excited to announce the Linguise Joomla official component that generates language switcher and alternate URL has received a major update! New features of the translation component It’s been a while since Linguise has supported Joomla, but now many options has been added to display the language switcher and synchronize the Linguise server configuration […]

Linguise translation WordPress plugin 1.4 update!

We are excited to announce the WordPress plugin that generates language switcher and alternate URL has received a major update! Major new features of the plugin New feature: We’ve added many flag display options like options for the flag shape, text color and mouse hover options New feature: Choose to display language list in the […]

Improvement of the rule edition and translation dashboard

Performance improvement Since Linguise has been launched we’ve improved a lot of code in the background, some of it is related to performance. For example, in the current version the translation statistics related to language used and most viewed pages is cached and updated each hour. We’ve also improved a lot a database request to […]

Add translators and language managers to review your translated content

Manage translators by domain Since Linguise has been launched, we’ve added some features, but the translator management was one of the most awaited. From the translation dashboard you have now the possibility to invite new translators or manager. The invitation is sent through an email that lets the translator register or login to his account (if the […]

The translation dashboard has new languages!

5 new languages available in the translation dashboard Since Linguise has been launched the dashboard has experienced many changes, mainly due to new features addition. Initially, the translation dashboard was available in English, French and Spanish which are the language we speak in our team. You can now count also on: German Italian Russian Japanese Vietnamese […]

Welcome to Linguise 1.0!


We are pleased to welcome you on our new translation service Linguise. It’s been a long road since we’ve started developing the tool, and we’re proud to announce that we’ve already served several millions of pages translated on a hundred of websites before we choose to go public. Website translation is complex If you have […]