How to translate your Shopify store in 10 minutes

How to translate your Shopify store? This question is often sought by shop owners on Shopify. When having an online shop, it is important to translate the online shop website into various languages, especially the most spoken languages ​​in the world. Translating Shopify into several languages ​​can provide a number of advantages, so in this […]

How to translate a website into Polish or from Polish language

Translating a website into multilanguages ​​can provide many benefits, as a website owner, not only adding popular languages ​​such as Chinese, German, Hindi or Spanish which are included in the top list of the most spoken languages ​​in the world. But you also need to consider other languages, for example Polish. Therefore it is important […]

How to translate a website into Romanian or from Romanian language

Romanian are languages that are widely spoken outside their own country. People who speak these two languages are scattered in various other countries. For those of you website owners targeting an audience from those countries, then it is important to add  Romanian to your website and translate them. There are various website translation services that […]

How to translate a website into Turkish or from Turkish language

Turkish is one of the popular languages ​​and is widely used by citizens of the world, this is what makes you as a website owner consider adding Turkish to the site’s language choices. Adding and translating your site to Turkish can bring that country’s audience to your site. This will certainly further increase the chances […]

What are the best freelance translation websites

Website localization plays an important role in reaching a global audience, by adapting content to suit various markets. The freelance translation platform connects developers with skilled translators for accurate and culturally appropriate translations. However, challenges remain: reliability, quality and consistency. Dedicated platforms address this challenge. Here we will dig into the best freelance translation platforms, […]

What are the alternative to Google Translate for websites translation

In an increasingly interconnected world, accurate website translation has become a crucial factor in expanding global reach and delivering a seamless user experience. As website developers, you understand the significance of breaking down language barriers to engage with a diverse audience. While Google Translate might be the first tool that comes to mind, there are […]

How to translate automatically a website in English language

Multilingual websites play an important role in reaching a global and diverse audience. In this increasingly connected digital era, it is important for developers to understand why having a multilingual website is a must. Website translation into English provides a number of valuable benefits. First, English is an international language that is widely used in […]

How to translate a website into or from Danish language

In today’s interconnected world, websites can open doors for a global audience. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, the developers needed to break down the language barrier. Website translation opens opportunities to untapped markets, building trust and confidence among users who prefer content in their language. One of the languages ​​that you should […]

Google Translate for Joomla vs Google Cloud Translation AI, what’s the best choice

Google Translate for Joomla vs Google Cloud Translation AI, what's the best choice

Multilingual websites have become increasingly important for businesses and individuals. Overcoming language barriers and targeting diverse audiences is essential to reach and engage with international audiences. In this blog, we will compare two popular solutions, namely Google Translate for Joomla and Google Cloud Translation AI, to help website developers find the best solution for their […]

How to translate automatically Joomla extensions and plugins

How to translate automatically Joomla extensions and plugins

Creating a website that appeals to a global audience is no longer a luxury, but an unavoidable necessity. Joomla, a popular and powerful content management system, has become the platform of choice for building dynamic websites with multiple features. However, when it comes to translating Joomla extensions and plugins to suit a multilingual audience, developers […]