How to fix the language error: “Your site has no hreflang tags”

When you post a website on the internet and want to make it multilingual, you need a hreflang tag. It informs Google what type of language you use on a specific page. The tag reveals the relationship between web pages in different languages. If you translate a page in Spanish, French, or any other language, […]

How to translate a website into Hindi

In today’s technology-dominated world, it is easier for companies to attain customers from all over the world. As the global e-commerce market sales reach up to 4.9 trillion U.S. dollars, an online company can make huge profits by spreading their services on the international level. However, you need to translate your website to cater to […]

Tips for multilingual SEO on WordPress

There is a paradigm shift in how people used to handle their businesses. The world is going digital, creating new potential for companies trying to compete in markets worldwide. But, building an online presence takes time, especially if you want to rank your multilingual SEO to attract audiences from every corner of the world. Based […]

Best automatic translation plugins for WordPress

Every company is shifting their business online as internet services are increasing rapidly. WordPress is one of the most accessible platforms to build a website, especially for beginners. It allows you to customize the website according to your brand’s image, but having a website is not enough. To target a broader market, you need to […]

Edit WooCommerce translation of the check-out and cart pages

WooCommerce is an eCommerce business platform that allows users to work from home without paying office rent. You can sell your stuff worldwide with WooCommerce without spending a lot of money. Many newcomers are scared by the prospect of using WooCommerce. Let alone translating it into several languages. Don’t shy away from introducing your product […]

How to create a DIVI multilingual website and translate all DIVI builder content

WordPress gives you the perfect platform to share your words, post your art or sell your wares. Vanilla WordPress, however, leaves much to be desired. In particular, WordPress on its own does not help you create aesthetically-pleasing content nor translate your content to reach ever-greater audiences. Luckily, WordPress is welcoming to solutions for both problems. […]

How to translate a website into French, step by step

Before the age of eCommerce, companies designed products and services for a specific market segment. More often than not, their target audience was geographically clustered, and moving into a new market required an entirely different setup. Today, the internet has become the primary medium for connecting with potential customers spread around the globe. Your internet […]

Top errors to avoid when making a website translation

Over the last two decades, we have seen an increase in international trade and a burgeoning number of eCommerce platforms with thousands of customers across borders. Alibaba and Amazon are two examples of successful eCommerce platforms with millions of global customers. These platforms consider translating their websites into other languages to make the buying process […]

New plan with larger quota and smaller prices!

We have excellent news, our prices have been updated, for the best! As you may be aware of, our prices are mainly based on translation API consumption, i.e. for final customer that will be a number of words translated and the prices of the plans. As our translation service is growing we have better translation […]

How to choose your translation languages with analytics and market data

Website translation is not a new feature, but it is quickly gaining traction. As the digital marketplace takes over how we conduct business, organizations have had to change how they communicate with their audience. The global reach of the digital world means you have to cater to different people from different parts of the world. […]