Linguise Joomla translation extension 1.1 update!

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We are excited to announce the Linguise Joomla official component that generates language switcher and alternate URL has received a major update!

New features of the translation component

It’s been a while since Linguise has supported Joomla, but now many options has been added to display the language switcher and synchronize the Linguise server configuration with the account API key.

Lets deep into the details of the new features.

Joomla 4 ready!

The new Linguise 1.1 version package can be installed on Joomla 3 and Joomla 4 versions! This is a great feature as many new Joomla websites will use the J4 platform.

Language names and flags integration

There are many options to include and display the language switcher. It can be added to your Joomla website as

  • Menu item
  • Using the load module shortcode
  • Using a PHP code snippet

Flags can be loaded side by side, as a dropdown menu or as a popup.

Flag design additional options

We’ve added many flag display options like options for the flag shape, text color and mouse hover options. For example, there’s also the possibility to defile flag shape with round shape, square or square with border-radius.

Language names in original or translated version

Choose to display language list in the original language or translated way. For example, “French” or “Français”. Here’s an example of a language list in original their language.

Organize languages

It’s now possible to sort the language in the list using drag’n drop. For example, to put the Chinese language first, just drag the Chines’ language in first position.

Language redirect and custom text & CSS

Finally, it is also possible to redirect users depending on their browser language (like in the Joomla multilingual native system). You can read more info about automatic  language redirect here.

The custom CSS could be helpful to make customized design along with custom pre- and post-text you can load in the popup.

Discover the latest Joomla component in video

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