Linguise Plugin Update: Improving Data Management for Your Multilingual Website

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We’re excited to announce the release of Linguise Plugin Version 1.10.13, featuring a significant improvement designed to enhance the stability and reliability of your multilingual website!

Introducing enhanced data management

Instead of storing Linguise data (mainly cache and specific configuration files) in the Linguise plugin folder, we’re now utilizing WordPress’s default upload folder. This strategic move is aimed at safeguarding your data against loss during plugin updates.

The importance of this update

WordPress is an incredibly dynamic platform, frequently updated to enhance security, introduce new features, and improve performance. However, one side effect of this continuous improvement is the potential risk it poses to plugin data. When WordPress updates, it may remove all files within a plugin’s directory to replace them with the updated files. This process, while necessary for keeping the software and its extensions current, can inadvertently lead to the loss of critical data stored within those plugin folders, such as cache data and specific configuration files.

Moving Linguise data to the WP upload folder ensures that your cache and advanced configuration file remain intact, avoiding unnecessary file deletion and data loss when the plugin is updated.

Whats the advantages?


By migrating to this default location, we ensure several key advantages:

  • Data Preservation: Your cache and configuration files remain unaffected by plugin updates, eliminating the risk of losing settings or data essential for your website’s multilingual functionality.
  • Improved Data Security: Your Linguise data is safer during updates, reducing the risk of losing critical configuration and cached data.
  • Optimized Performance: With data stored in a more stable location, Linguise can operate more efficiently, enhancing your website’s multilingual experience.

This latest update represents our commitment to providing a powerful and easy-to-use multilingual solution that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations. We believe that by protecting your data from potential update-related losses, we can offer a more stable, reliable and efficient multilingual website experience.

Experience significant improvements in data management with Linguise Plugin Version 1.10.13, and rest assured that your multilingual website is built on a more secure and reliable foundation!

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