Linguise translation WordPress plugin 1.5 update!

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We are excited to announce the WordPress plugin that generates language switcher and alternate URL has received a major update, the 1.5 version.

Major new features of the plugin

WordPress Multisite automatic translation

What is the WordPress Multisite for? The “multisite” feature of WordPress allows you to manage from a single interface multiple sites or sub sites that you create or that your subscribers / members can also generate.

With the new Linguise version, you’ll be able to use the plugin configuration for all your multisite network and therefore translate. Note that it’ll require that your register each domain in Linguise to get a dedicated API key to activate the translation.


.htaccess optimization and translation API connection

We’ve made several modifications to avoid .htaccess problem. The .htaccess is a file at present the root of you WordPress install (if you have a Apache or a Litespeed seerver) that is used to redirect users on the proper translated URLs.

Now we’ll display some error messages if the .htaccess file is not writable or not available.

We’ve also added an error message if the API key is not attached to the domain.


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