The translation dashboard has new languages!

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5 new languages available in the translation dashboard

Since Linguise has been launched the dashboard has experienced many changes, mainly due to new features addition. Initially, the translation dashboard was available in English, French and Spanish which are the language we speak in our team.
You can now count also on:

Just use the top right language switcher and everything will be translated instantly. To avoid any confusion this is not related to the Linguise languages available to translate your website, this is still more than 80 languages.

All dashboard views are covered

All the dashboard area are now covered, including the account creation wizard process. 

This was a crucial point for us as there is now more and more translators (not only webmasters) that comes to the Linguise dashboard. The dashboard translation offers for example a more explicit access to translation rules like language content exclusion or replacement from automatic translation.

More languages to come and translator access!

More languages will come to your dashboard (5 more based on the popularity of our users). Here’s the list:

We’re currently working on a new feature that opens the possibility to add a translator access to a certain language to your account. It’s on the way, stay tuned!

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