WordPress plugin error codes

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Get the latest errors Linguise plugin is reporting

If your website is not translating, you can have more information on what’s going on by checking the error returned by our translation service

If an error occurred in the last 10 minutes, you’ll have an alert on the Linguise plugin page

In the help tab, you have a list of the last 20 errors, regardless of when it happened.

Error: Required fields missing

This error means the request send to our translation server is malformed or the size of the request is too big. 
Are you trying to translate a page heavier than our limit of 5MB?

Error: Unexpected characters found

Linguise detects that non-printable characters have been sent to translation.
Make sure the page you’re trying to translate doesn’t contain these characters.

Error: Wrong token

The API key used on the website is not the one expected by our translation server.

Make sure you have set the right domain in the Linguise dashboard and the right API Key in WordPress settings.

Use the same domain Linguise is displaying the in your dashboard website settings page:


Use the same API key you have generated in the Linguise dashboard in your website Linguise setting page.

Error: Translation not allowed

Linguise do not allow your domain to make translation. Please check that you’re not in one of these cases :

  • Your trial is expired
  • You have reached your translation quota
  • You don’t have a valid subscription for this domain

Error: Locale not available

The language you’re trying to translate your website into is not available. Please reach our support by email at [email protected]

Error: Language not available

The language you’re trying to translate your website into is not one of the languages you have configured in your domain settings.

Please choose between, adding this language to you domain in the Linguise dashboard, or remove this language from the list in the plugin settings.

Error: Page already translated

Our system detects that the original page you’re trying to translate is already a multilingual page.

It could be a misconfiguration in your global WordPress configuration.
Please make sure your website language configuration fits the actual language you use.

Error: Translation limit exceeded

You’ve just reached you’ve subscription quota limit.

You can upgrade your plan to be able to make more translations

Error: Error during translation

Our service has not been able to translate the content submitted.

If the error keeps repeating, please contact our support team at [email protected]

Error: Content type not translatable

This error is returned when a translation is tried on a content that is not an HTML document. For example, when you try to translate an XML page.