WordPress plugin with high quality automatic translation

Translate your WordPress website instantly using our automatic, high-quality translation plugin

A WordPress plugin as light as possible

The Linguise multilingual translation has been used on WordPress since the beginning and is really optimized to have a small impact on performance. Traditional multilingual systems such as WPML are duplicating numerous pages, adding database requests, and server loads to your WordPress website. The result is a slow loading time.

That is a real problem regarding SEO and user experience. The Linguise multilingual translation has a remote cache system and does not duplicate any content of your local database! This is one advantage among many other speed optimizations.

Translate your WordPress website in 5 minutes

Easy to use with a flexible language switcher

Once your website translation is activated, you’ll need to display a language switcher with flag and language names. Our WordPress plugin offers various integration methods like shortcode, menu or PHP snippet. Depending on your language requirements, the front-end language switcher can be displayed as a pop-up, drop-down, or as a side-by-side.

Setup your multilingual website in 10 minutes and use advanced flag display settings and preview

Copy your API key and apply automatically all your website settings

Add a new language and translate all your website only takes a minute

Integrate the language switcher flags module in no time with several methods or load automatically a floating flag list

Configure and preview your language switcher

But also very advanced features for a better WordPress website integration

Select flag shapes and use our flag SVG library with perfect quality and super light images

Select the language name and specific flag for countries

Create your own design for flags and text to fit your website design

Use local translation cache to improve page loading speed on very large websites

Index all your multilingual URLs with automatic alternate tags generation

Activate the possibility to run website search in all languages, including in e-commerce

Automatically redirect users to a multilingual version, based on their browser language in use

Automatic WordPress translation that boost SEO

Content is king when we’re talking SEO, which means content quality and quantity. This is where our WordPress Neural Machine Translation comes in: creating, for instance, 10 new pages multiplied by 20 languages, which becomes 200 new indexed pages. The pages are fully indexed because we generate page translated URLs, alternate links, and ensure AMP compatibility.

Linguise is also compatible with SEO plugins such as Yoast or RankMath plugins, pertaining to features such as metadata translation and URL management.

Especially efficient for WooCommerce

WooCommerce websites tends to have a large number of products and very frequent content updates. So when a product is updated so are the other 20 multilingual pages, instantly. This great for SEO optimization to have a high level of content update frequency. Linguise Neural Machine translation is fully tested on WooCommerce websites.

Fully compatible with 3rd party WordPress plugins

WordPress is a popular platform for themes, page builders like Elementor, DIVI, or even Gutenberg editor. Therefore, there are many elements to translate such as the page blocks, header, menus and footers. Linguise’s instant translation software translates all these elements in a single action – there is no need for one by one editing!

Furthermore, if you have one translation plugin in place for one language, for instance, you can add Linguise over it temporarily.

Editable by human translators from WordPress frontend

WordPress automatic neural machine translation is not everything. It is said that to get a pixel-perfect translation, you’ll need to check between 10 & 20% of your content by a professional translator. Linguise makes it easy with advanced global translation exclusion and replacement rules and with a frontend translation tool.

Switch from edition mode to navigation mode, navigate and translate in the same time. All meta information and SEO are also editable from frontend

Original text and automatically translated text are always available as a help for human translators

Edit the translated text in any language with a simple text editor or advanced HTML editor for web designers

Click and edit any content, even dynamic HTML contents!

Translate auto-hosted WordPress.com websites

WordPress.com is the auto-hosted version of the open-source WordPress CMS. It offers domain, hosting, themes, security features.

Starting from their business plan, you can use compatible WordPress plugins on your website and guess what? Linguise automatic translation is working like a charm. Translate 100% of your wordpress.com website and edit translations!


Other features of the WordPress automatic translation

AMP multilingual pages

Linguise is fully working with Google AMP technology, automatically load all your multilingual pages with their AMP version, no more effort required. Compatible with all WordPress AMP plugins

WordPress content search

The WordPress multilingual search is available for all your content, meaning that you can run a search query and get search results in any language. It also works with 3rd party search plugins such as Revelanssi

We install it on WordPress for you

Linguise’s instant translation is easy to set up for WordPress as it requires only the Linguise language selection and to install the WordPress plugin. However, we are happy to assist in setting it up for you!

WordPress sitemap translation

Linguise generates XML sitemaps based on your main WordPress sitemap. It’s automatically updated when a bot crawls and indexes your new multilingual contents

Inline content translation

Inline code (like hyperlinks or bold text) is considered as complicated to handle by automatic translation tools. It has to be regrouped as an individual sentence to keep the content context. Linguise uses a custom tool to brings an accurate translation of the HTML inline content

Fast WordPress pages display

Linguise has a dedicated cache server. Once a translation is made or needs to be updated, we first check if we can serve an instant HTML cached version as a WordPress translated page.

How to get started?
1. Create your account and register your domain here >>
2. Follow the related documentation to activate the translation here >>