Edit translations using the frontend live editor tool

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Edit automatic translations on your website in live

The edition of an automatic translation on a live website is something usually done by a translator. The live website translation or “Online translation” tool is to be found from your Linguise dashboard.

Note: If you’re looking to replace text using global rule, please use this documentation >>

To add such translation, connect to your Linguise dashboard > click on Online Editor


From there you’ll be invited to choose the language you want to edit, I’ll pick French for example and hit the “Translate” button. That will lead me the website frontend.


You’ll be redirected to the website frontend in the language selected, here that’s French. In the top-right corner you have a switcher to change the browser mode:

  • Navigation: you can navigate on the website as usual to find the page to translate, when you click on content, the browser won’t edit the translations
  • Edition mode: you can click and edit elements, it’s materialized when you put mouse hover a text

On click a popup will open with the text to edit:


3 elements are present:

  • The text from in the original website language, here in English
  • The automatic translation, here in French
  • The current translation you can edit

In this example: we’ve edited this specific French translation. Note that if the text in the original language is edited, the translation will no longer be applied and will be replaced by an automatic one.

Edit translation with online elements

Inline code in automatic translation is often considered as an individual sentence; therefore the neural machine treatment loses the translation context, making it less accurate. Linguise has a dedicated tool developed that brings everything together with an accurate translation of the HTML inline content.

Inline content such as bold text or hyperlinks elements will be materialized by colors.


In this example: we’ve edited an online French translation. After an online text edition the page will be reloaded to save the content.