Translate the Google Merchant Center product feed

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Load your Google Merchant Center product feed

Google Shopping is connected to a product data feed which then becomes your Google Shopping feed. If you are selling products to particular countries or just want to expend your eCommerce reach, you’ll need to translate all product information. If you use Linguise as translation system it will be done in real time, meaning that all new products will be translated in real time, like a sitemap.

First, you’ll need to locate your original feed. The most common file format used for that purpose is a .xml. Here’s an example of an original feed, non-translated.

Translate the product feed

Once your product feed has been loaded, now it’s time to generate your multilingual feed by language. For that purpose, we will use the language tag in the URL. If your product feed is, and you want the French sitemap, add the language tag like that:

Here’s the result of a translated item in French.

<title>Diesel Montre analogique en acier inoxydable noir pour homme avec cadran noir</title>
<description>Montre au style avant-gardiste avec boîtier rond en plastique noir mat, cadran noir mat, bracelet en silicone noir, mouvement analogique à quartz à 3 aiguilles. Face en cristal minéral résistant aux rayures. Résistant à l'eau jusqu'à 50 mètres. Taille du boîtier : 44 mm. Largeur de bande : 24 mm. </description>
<g:price>105.29 USD</g:price>
<g:availability>in stock</g:availability>
<g:shipping_weight>1.5 oz</g:shipping_weight>
<g:price>0.00 USD</g:price>
<g:google_product_category>Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Watches</g:google_product_category>
<g:product_type>accessoires > montres</g:product_type>
<g:color>Le noir</g:color>

Official documentation: Google help center documentation