Fast and secure translation based on a solid server infrastructure

Translations in multiple languages can be a heavy load for a database and server. However, we can reduce the effort and cost to the minimum with a proper server optimization!

Cache server for your translations

The Linguise multilingual translation has a dedicated cache server, once a translation is made or needs to be updated we first check if we can serve an instant cached version. It reduces the loading time by 80%. A page that is cached is only HTML and preserve all dynamic features from the original language version.


Sensible data stay safe on your server

When an online translation is made and put in a cache, it requires that we get the page content and process it into the required language. Linguise does not collect or transfer any sensitive data such as usernames, passwords or form content from the original page.

Experience fast multilingual loading time

100% Compatible with local cache systems

Linguise has its server cache system but is also fully compatible with your cache system. You can use a local caching script or a cache on your servers like Varnish or Lite Speed cache.


Way faster than a local translation tool

If you’re using a local translation plugin like WPML for WordPress, you’ll spot a large difference in the translated pages’ speed performance. Local translation tools need to index, translate and return all the page elements, like texts, menu and widgets during the translation process. However, Linguise’s online translation software handles all of this as a whole HTML cached file.