Edit your website translation from the front-end using the Live editor

Click on any element of your website, dynamic or not, edit the translation, and it's done!

Edit website translation from front-end and admin

Editing your neural automatic translation is elementary, select the language to edit and from the public side of your website just click on the element to translate.

Translation made from the frontend can also be edited from the admin dashboard. From the admin dashboard, the global translation rules such as content replacement or translation exclusion are likewise available.

Linguise Live Editor

What’s more convenient than editing your website with the content in front of your eyes? Create a translator account, setup a language and let’s translate from your website front-end!

Translate your website from front-end

Limit access by language for your translators

The Linguise front-end editor is accessible for your translators with a possible limitation by language. In fact, there are 2 levels of access, the translator that has only access to the translation content in a specific language and the language manager who is allowed to edit all languages from the frontend and from the admin dashboard.

Inline content HTML edition is covered

Inline HTML and CSS code (like hyperlinks or bold text) is considered as very complicated to handle by automatic translation tools because it splits the sentence into multiple part. Those parts need to reassembled in different ways depending on the language. Linguise uses a custom system over the automatic translations to bring an accurate translation of the HTML inline content.


Save time and money with minimal translation revisions

Many industries use neural translation technology, and our high-quality translation service has the advantage to instantly provide translations in many languages. Thanks to an exceptional quality, your translators will only do a minimal content revision, 10%-20% at most!

Translate HTML dynamic elements

What is very frustrating with the translation extensions for CMS (like WordPress)  is the fact that you need to translate from the admin part dynamic texts such as eCommerce checkout precess. With Linguise you can do it directly from front-end!