Grow your audience with SEO optimized translations

Discover how using Linguise’s multilingual translation system can get you 40% more traffic to your website

Translation with SEO optimization in mind

The Linguise multilingual translation has been built with Search Engine Optimization in mind and therefore integrates all the required tool to rank your website in foreign languages. Using a super-fast cache server, several features are enabled, including unique URLs, generating multilingual sitemaps and more!



Tested on all major search engines' webmaster tools

Linguise’s multilingual content is fully and quickly indexed by all the major search engines.  Once your website translation is activated, you can significantly raise the page index process using search engines webmaster tools such as the Google Search Console, Baidu Search resource, Yandex webmaster. Linguise multilingual content is fully and quickly indexed by all the major search engines.

One page becomes instantly multiple pages

Content is king when we’re talking SEO content means content quality and quantity. This is when Neural Machine Translation is coming in, translating instantly your new page into multiple multilingual pages. 10 new pages multiplied by 20 languages becomes 200 new indexed pages and so on.


Especially efficient for eCommerce and large websites

A major part of eCommerce websites tends to have many products and very frequent content updates. So, when a product is updated so are the other 20 multilingual pages, for instance. This is great for SEO to have a high volume of content updated at high  frequency.
According to the same line of reasoning, it works for various content types such as a forum, product catalog websites…

Generate and update multilingual sitemaps

Your website’s sitemap is a vital component when it comes to speeding up your site’s content indexing and improving SEO. Linguise’s translation tool generates XML sitemap based on your main website sitemap, and it’s automatically updated when a bot crawls and indexes your new multilingual contents.


Your multilingual pages as Google AMP content

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a Google technology that transforms your webpage into optimized mobile content. Linguise is fully compatible with Google AMP, which means you will not lose any potential traffic from your translated content.

Edit page titles and meta information from front-end

The front-end editor is the fastest way to edit content for translators. This edition tool offers the possibility to edit the page title and all the meta information used by search engine to rank  your website pages like page title, meta description, social information…

We'll do the multingual SEO for you

Linguise respects all the search engine recommendations regarding multilingual SEO like alternate URL automatic generation, language and default language tags. So don’t worry about multilingual SEO, it’s already done!

Your sitemap translation in video