Jaderoller.com internationalization case study

Bringing Asian beauty rituals to the global market

Thibault Nelkin started Jade Roller in 2018 with one goal, to share the beauty and simplicity of Asian beauty rituals with everyone at affordable prices. This wasn’t just a new business—Jade Roller pioneered the Western market, directly bringing beauty tools and skincare secrets from Asia to the world.

Jade Roller is growing fast, with over 50,000 customers, and expanding its market with a physical distribution network comprising beauty salons and shops. Then, they took the next step by launching an online shop.

To continue and reach the goal of 100,000+ customers by 2025 while ensuring high quality is affordable for everyone, Jade Roller needs a multilingual website solution with an affordable price and the best features to support the goal.

Best Choice: An affordable translation solution

Expanding into new markets with a new online store while maintaining a low-budget presents a significant challenge for Jade Roller. 

Managing a multilingual website requires ensuring accurate and consistent translations and keeping content up-to-date in each language to guarantee an optimal user experience without overspending.

Fortunately, they discovered Linguise, which offers an affordable solution with all the necessary features for maintaining a multilingual WordPress x WooCommerce store.

“At just $15/month for an unlimited number of languages and unlimited translated page views, Linguise stands out. Competitors charge up to five times more, around $79, and even then, limit the service to only five languages.”

A translation solution for localization & SEO

Jade Roller recognized they needed more than just a translation tool to manage their multilingual website. They were also challenged to keep their content up-to-date across all languages while adhering to Google’s guidelines to avoid any negative impact on SEO.

They were eager to expand into new markets beyond French, such as English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, and much more. To achieve this, they understood the importance of a nuanced localization strategy, respect cultural and linguistic differences, and foster clear communication with each target audience.

 That’s where Linguise came in. It was the perfect fit for Jade Roller, having comprehensive indexing by all major search engines. Activates website translation with a fast page indexing process and supports international SEO. This includes the automatic generation of alternate URLs, hrflang tags,  default language tags, canonical, and XML translations. 

Completing with a front-end dashboard that simplifies translation editing and adjustments for each targeted locale, streamlining the optimization process for each specific market is more manageable for Jade Roller.


  • With Linguise, Jade Roller found an affordable website translation solution that offers many features that support its expansion into new markets.
  • Moving from a French-based language to English, German, Spanish, Dutch, and Italian has increased traffic of between +50% to +150% for each new language introduced on our site.
  • A reliable, SEO-friendly, and lightweight translation solution provided them with easy translation without harming SEO.
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