multilingual case study

Unique Vacation Rentals with Multilingual Website Expansion

Founded in 2015 by Heiko Roth in Germany’s picturesque Black Forest area, Traumferienhäuser Schwarzwald specializes in renting unique vacation houses from carefully selected private owners. These accommodations offer guests a one-of-a-kind travel experience, each owned by local families passionate about hosting and sharing their love for the area.

Dedicated to creating special experiences for its customers, they offers 37 unique vacation rentals and has thousands of satisfied guests. 

Now, they are confident about expanding their reach to international guests and are ready to search for big potential with a multilingual website.


Best Consideration: Low Cost with High-Quality Services

Once the decision was made to go multilingual and integrate with Linguise, the process became very easy and cost-effective. With only a few steps, Traumferienhäuser Schwarzwald was able to support 19 languages and attract thousands of visitors.

Why choose other options when an effective solution is available?
Before discovering Linguise, Traumferienhäuser Schwarzwald struggled to find an affordable solution that met their budget. With Linguise, they can expand into more languages without significant financial strain, enabling them to reach a broader audience.

They now have access to unlimited languages and are supported by the latest Google Cloud AI technology. This differs from other translation services, which may limit usage to up to 5 languages, even with a PRO package subscription.

“Linguise offers this on the START plan for $15/month, which includes an unlimited number of languages and unlimited translated page views.”

An Easy-to-use WordPress Translation Solutions

They had an existing WordPress website and just needed to install the WordPress Linguise plugin and connect the API key easily. Within a few minutes, all of the website content was detected and translated. The only thing left to do was to check translations. 

“Overall, Linguise was user-friendly, making it easy to add language and translate content quickly and efficiently.”

The ability to quickly edit translations is crucial for booking and informational websites like, which targets multiple languages. Here, Linguise’s front-end live editor proves invaluable. It allows editing translations directly on the webpage, enabling instant edit and ensuring the accuracy and relevance of information.

Furthermore, a standout feature for multilingual websites is the translation exclusion rules offered. This function enables the exclusion of specific content or terms—such as brand names or specialized technical language—from being translated. As a result, even as the website’s content is made available in various languages, these crucial elements retain their original form, maintaining brand consistency across all platforms.

This comprehensive set of features is designed to help manage a multilingual website and provide a seamless user experience for a global audience. has not only improved the accessibility of its site but also ensured that its brand messaging remains consistent and clear, regardless of the language. This implementation highlights the importance of advanced translation technologies in the global market.


Traumferienhäuser Schwarzwald has significantly enhanced its vacation rental offerings in the Black Forest by integrating Linguise’s translation tools into its website, This move has allowed them to support 19 languages. The user-friendly Linguise platform streamlines translation processes and maintains brand consistency with features like translation exclusion rules, ensuring that specific terms are not changed. These technological advancements simplify operations and improve service quality, setting a new standard in the vacation rental market. By making the website accessible, Traumferienhäuser Schwarzwald reaffirms its commitment to providing memorable travel experiences to a diverse, international audience.

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