What is the best Shopify Translate & Adapt app alternative

What is the best Shopify Translate & Adapt app alternative
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Shopify has a special translation tool that is useful for translating its users’ stores, namely Shopify Translate & Adapt. Apart from this tool, there are actually many other translation tools that you can use.

Even though it was officially developed by Shopify, this tool still has limited features that can support store translation. For those of you who don’t know what Shopify Translate & Adapt is like, in this article we will discuss it further and compare it with one of Shopify’s translation services.

What is Shopify Translate & Adapt?

Shopify Translate & Adapt is a translation tool that was officially launched by Shopify in August 2022. This application is free for Shopify users and claims to help increase SEO visibility through multilingual stores.

Like most tools, Translate & Adapt can translate Shopify into other languages ​​so it can target customers from various countries. This application has several main features including the following.

Key features:

  • Manually add, edit, and review translations with live editor.
  • Automatically translate content into two languages by leveraging Google Translate (available at cloud.google.com/translate).
  • Adapt content to reflect spelling and messaging variations between markets.
  • Perform localization directly within the theme editor or any resource page within your admin panel.
  • Manage localised store content seamlessly from your Shopify admin. 

With these various main features, it is easier for users to translate their Shopify store. When your store provides languages ​​for various countries, it will also improve marketing.

Even though this application is very useful for Shopify users, it turns out that there are still several things that need to be improved, so there’s no harm in looking for an alternative to this tool. In the next discussion we will compare Shopify Translate & Adapt with another translation service, namely Linguise.

Why Linguise is the best an alternative to Shopify Translate & Adapt?

Linguise can be the right alternative for those of you who are still not satisfied with the features offered by Shopify Translate & Adapt. Below is a comparison table between the two applications, from this table you can see that Linguise is more worth it for you to use as a Shopify translation.

If you focus on the number of languages ​​provided, then advanced features that support multilingualism, as well as improving SEO, then Linguise can be the right solution.

To further understand the comparison of the two translation applications, below we will explain in more detail why Linguise is the best alternative to Shopify Translate & Adapt.


Shopify Translate & Adapt


Free trial

Number of languages

2 automatic translations (more than 30 Language with manual translations)

More than 80 languages have automatic translation


✔ (URL slugs not translation)

Live editor translation

Advanced features

Price & costs


Start from $15 /month

Break Language Barriers
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What are the benefits you get with Linguise?

The translation service that we will discuss as an alternative to Shopify Translate & Adapt is Linguise. Linguise is an AI Translation cloud-based translation service that can be used for various CMS, including Shopify and one of the best app to translate Shopify.

Even though Linguise is not yet available as an app on Shopify, users can still enjoy easy installation because Linguise is integrated with Shopify and u can also request  Linguise install if you are still having trouble installing it.

Linguise offers automatic translation into over 80 languages ​​in just minutes, making your Shopify store multilingual.

Not only that, shop owners also make it possible to edit the translation manually if something doesn’t match the translation results.

After understanding what Shopify Translate & Adapt and Linguise are, respectively. Below we will compare the two tools, looking at several points.

You can use this comparison as a reference before choosing a translation tool for Shopify.

Free trial

The first thing we will compare is the free trial period offered. The Shopify Translate & Adapt app is actually an official application that Shopify provides to all its users, therefore it doesn’t charge users at all, i.e. it’s free.

Meanwhile, Linguise is a monthly subscription service, but we also provide a free trial version for 1 month for those of you who want to try our features first.

Number of languages

Next, what will be compared is the number of languages ​​available on the two platforms. The Shopify Translate & Adapt app has just over 30 languages ​​you can choose to add to Shopify, which are available in the form of automatic translation.

Apart from that, they also only provide free 2 languages ​​which will be translated automatically on the Shopify store. Otherwise, if you want to add more than 2 languages, you have to translate them manually.

On the other hand, Linguise’s free and paid versions give users the freedom to add as many languages ​​as they want to their Shopify pages. There are more than 80 languages ​​provided by us, and all of them will be translated automatically after being added.

Translate URLs and SEO

Translate & Adapt ensures that customers and search engines can find the store’s translated pages. At this time they implemented SEO and URL translation.

Shopify Translate & Adapt will automatically translate the URL of your Shopify page into the language according to the translation, in this case there will be an additional language code in the form of a hreflang tag, for example EN for English, DE for Deutsch, and others. As well as adding all languages ​​to the sitemap. However, for URL slugs you have to translate them manually through this application, meaning they will not translate automatically.

For example, the URL /products/en/shoes can be translated as /products/es/zapatos but the word product cannot be translated automatically, but must be translated manually.

Just like Linguise, Linguise will also translate the entire URL of your Shopify page, adding language codes and automatically translating URL slugs.

For example, in the image below there is an English URL.

What is the best Shopify Translate & Adapt app alternative-URL slugs english

When translated into Italian, all parts of the URL will automatically be translated into Italian too.

What is the best Shopify Translate & Adapt app alternative-URL slugs

Live editor translation

Next is the live editor feature which allows users to translate manually or edit translations. The Shopify Translate & Adapt application is capable of translating automatically, but only in two languages, the rest users have to do it manually.

Therefore, Shopify provides this feature, where users are asked to select a language, then select the part to be translated and enter the translation results.

What is the best Shopify Translate & Adapt app alternative-live editor Shopify Translate

Meanwhile, Linguise also offers this feature, namely a live editor, so you can translate on the Shopify front page. Almost the same as the feature above, but with the Linguise front-end live editor you will be presented with the shop front page then select the section you want to translate.

Not only that, Linguise’s interface looks friendlier and simpler.

Live Editor Linguise

Advanced features

Each translation application usually not only offers translation features, but also other advanced features that can support multilingual Shopify.

Like Linguise which has several additional features including:

  • Filter translations by language, by original text, by translated text.
  • Translation exclusion rules (text dedication, text replacement, content exclusion, URL based exclusion, ignore inline).
  • Translate media and external links.

Unfortunately Shopify Translate doesn’t do that, it only provides dual language automatic translation and manual translation features as explained above. This still needs to be improved so that it can be more helpful to its users.

Price & costs

In terms of price, Shopify Translate & Adapt is superior because they do not charge application fees to Shopify store owners. All Shopify users who want to have a multilingual store can use the application for free.

But remember, the automatic free translations are only 2 languages. You can use Linguise’s affordable paid version to get 80+ automatic translations and various advanced features. You can choose monthly or yearly subscription application that offers 3 different packages. Besides that, you can also try the free version for 1 month and enjoy all the existing Linguise features.


$ 15
/ month
  • 200 000 translated words
  • Unlimited translated page views
  • Unlimited languages
  • 1 website per plan with one month free


$ 25
/ month
  • 600 000 translated words
  • Unlimited translated page views
  • Unlimited languages
  • 1 website per plan with one month free


$ 45
/ month
  • UNLIMITED translated words
  • Unlimited translated page views
  • Unlimited languages
  • 1 website per plan

From the third package above, each package will provide the same features, only differing in the number of words that can be translated.

Ready to explore new markets? Try our automatic translation service for free with our 1-month risk-free trial. No credit card needed!

Conclusion: Shopify Translate & Adapt or Linguise?

Now you know the best Shopify Translate & Adapt alternatives, one of which is Linguise. Apart from that, you can also understand the comparison with Linguise in terms of several things such as trial period, number of languages, URL and SEO, live editor, advanced features, and price.

For those of you who are interested in using Linguise as a translation application, immediately register Linguise for free and enjoy all the features to make your Shopify store multilingual.

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