What are the best translation extensions for Joomla


A multilingual website is one of the important things that web owners must own. With a multilingual website, you can reach a global audience, not just limited to your country’s audience. The more varied your audience, the higher the website traffic that will enter. This will certainly help increase in terms of traffic and in […]

How to override WooCommerce with custom translations

How to override WooCommerce with custom translations

As a WooCommerce user who owns an online store, it’s important that you consider replacing it with a custom translation. So far, maybe your online shop web is only limited to using the default language of your own country, so now you can replace it with custom translations. This is not without reason, there are […]

How to translate WooCommerce emails, manually and automatically

When you have an online store and target consumers globally, you will meet users from various countries with different language backgrounds. Therefore you also have to provide a multilingual online shop website so they can transact on your site. As the owner of an online web shop, a multilingual site is not enough, you also […]

How to translate a website from or to Italian language

Italian is one of the languages ​​that is widely used on the European continent, this language is widely used as a mother tongue or second language in a country. The large number of Italian speakers makes you web developers need to provide translation options into that language. This is to prepare for when Italian speakers […]

How to translate a website from or to German language


Do you want to reach a wider website audience? One of them is by providing a choice of languages ​​or making your site a multilingual site. German is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, especially on the European continent. Therefore, it never hurts to translate the site into German. But how […]

How to use AI for WordPress website translation

Having a multilingual website is one of the important things to consider for website developers. Websites with many language choices can bring in high traffic, not only from your country but from various other countries. In addition, the website translation results will also be indexed by search engines so that your site does not only […]

How to translate a website to Korean language

Providing translation options to other languages ​​on our site is one of the right options for those of you who want to reach a wider audience and improve business performance. You also need to consider the language that will be displayed in the translation options, make sure to choose a language that is widely used […]

How to translate a website to Arabic language

Arabic translation

A multilingual website is one way that can help a website get high traffic, by providing translation options into several countries languages, making you get visitors from those countries. Especially in the languages that are used the most or with the most speakers in the world, you must add these languages to the translation options. Arabic […]

What automatic translation service is the most accurate

Automatic translation services are computer programs that translate text or speech from one language to another without human intervention. This service uses algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze the structure and context of the text, then generates output in the target language. There are several types of automated translation services available, ranging from basic […]

How to add Google Translate to a WordPress website

Do you want to have a multilingual site on your WordPress website so that your site can be accessed by many people in the world? One way is to install a WordPress plugin or use an automatic translation service. On WordPress, you can connect various tools and services using plugins. Google Translate is one of […]