Update all your translations instantly without any fees

High-profile companies such as Amazon or Microsoft are using neural machine translations every day - experience today how you can also elevate your business with top automatic translation tool!


Install, choose languages and internationalize!

Our translation tool enables you to bridge the gap between human translation and Neural Machine Translation (NMT). Linguise offers competitive, pocket-friendly pricing to all clients. With an additional 10% of human content proofreading on top of the neural machine translation, we remain an affordable service provider that you can trust. 

Check the comparison Human-only vs Neural-only translation.

Human translation only

50 pages of 1000 words
  • Initial translation cost: 4500$
  • Yearly 20% content update: 900$

Linguise Neural Translation

50 pages of 1000 words
  • Initial translation cost: 165$
  • Yearly 100% content update: 165$

Website translation made easy

Are you ready to take the complexity out of translating everything on your website? Duplicating each element, menu, widget, form, and conditional HTML could get overwhelming; however, with Linguise translation, each page is translated as a single element. We preserve all dynamic features, ensuring no content gets lost during translation.

Add 10% of human content translation, if you want!

If you’re looking for pixel-perfect website content, we can assist with the service of an affordable, convenient professional front-end editor. Depending on the language pair (original to translated language), the content that needs to be revised is now, in 2022, a maximum of 10% (English to Spanish, Vietnamese to Indonesian…).

Switch from edition mode to navigation mode, navigate and translate in the same time. All meta information and SEO are also editable from frontend

Original text and automatically translated text are always available as a help for human translators

Edit the translated text in any language with a simple text editor or advanced HTML editor for web designers

Click and edit any content, even dynamic HTML contents!


Get the perfect translation for eCommerce

eCommerce websites tend to have many products and often require content updates. When using Linguise translation, one product that is updated also reflects changes in 20 other multilingual pages, instantly. This makes our professional translation services perfect for SEO optimization and for providing customers with high-quality, new content.