MODX CMF multilingual and automatic translation

Translate your MODX based website instantly with our automatic, cloud AI translation service

MODX CMF light and fast translation

Looking for an efficient and SEO-friendly multilingual solution for your MODX website? Look no further than Linguise! Our translation script is optimized to have a small impact on performance, while still providing a seamless multilingual experience for your users.

Unlike traditional systems, Linguise doesn’t store multiple copies of your website’s content in different languages, avoiding the unnecessary duplication of data in your local database. Instead, we use a remote cache system that minimizes the load on your server and improves page load times. Try Linguise today and take your MODX website to the next level!

This is as fast as your PHP CMS default multilingual system (if any) and there are many other optimizations.

How to translate a MODX website automatically with our script

Easy to install, works on MODX + Apache, LiteSpeed, NginX, IIS

The Linguise automatic translation system is straightforward to setup and no MODX modification is required. You just need to upload the script, add your API key and check that your .htaccess is properly configured (allow URL rewriting). That’s it, 100% of your website is already translated into many languages.

Are you ready to rock your MODX SEO?

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually creating and updating content in multiple languages. With Linguise, you can effortlessly translate your website’s pages, including menus, content widgets, footers, and more, into 20 languages. That’s 200 new indexed pages, all instantly updated and fully indexed, complete with translated URLs and alternate links.

Our script is designed with SEO in mind, ensuring that your multilingual content is optimized for search engines. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that important SEO features like meta translation and alternate URLs are covered, regardless of your MODX configuration. Plus, Linguise is compatible with all 3rd party dynamic scripts, including forums, image galleries, and more.

MODX Extra eCommerce translation

The automatic translations are powered by Google Cloud Translation AI and support over 85 languages. Many MODX-based eCommerce sites worldwide already use these translation extras to effortlessly maintain up-to-date product content in multiple languages.

Linguise translation for MODX takes the headache out of managing multilingual eCommerce content. Products can be updated in one language, and MODX handles translating and publishing the changes across all languages. This keeps translated product pages in sync, improving SEO and the user experience.

Translate MODX Extras features

When it comes to online translations, there are many elements to translate, such as the page blocks, headers, menus and footers. Linguise’s MODX automatic translation handles all these elements in one action, which means you don’t need to open them one by one in your CMS admin.

Furthermore, if you are already using another translation system, let’s say for one language, you can add Linguise over it temporarily without any conflict.

Editable by human translators from the MODX frontend

While Linguise provides automated neural machine translations, a human touch can perfect the results. Experts recommend having a professional translator review 10% of translated content for maximum accuracy.

Linguise simplifies this process. Built-in translation exclusion and replacement rules let you refine translations globally. The user-friendly front-end translation editor makes on-site edits easy. Select any text and edit it with a click.

Combining Linguise’s AI translations with targeted professional review achieves natural, nuanced translations.

Dynamic translation for MODX CMS

When building a multilingual website with MODX CMS, it’s important to consider that your content will need to be translated into multiple languages. 

Linguise is a powerful translation plugin for MODX CMS that enables dynamic content translation, such as AJAX for your multilingual website. With Linguise, you can seamlessly integrate translation functionality into your MODX CMS application, allowing your users to access your content in their preferred language.

More information about dynamic translation >

Large MODX website translations, with no limits

The automatic translation for MODX can be used with a large amount of content and many languages. We have a membership plan that offers unlimited translations for all your website pages in all languages, and because we have a large volume of usage, it’s the most affordable on the market.

Other features of the MODX automatic translation management system

AMP multilingual pages

Linguise is fully working with Google AMP technology, automatically load all your multilingual pages with their AMP version, no more effort required. Compatible with all AMP tools.

Content search engine

Your website search will also available for multilingual pages, meaning that you can run a search query in French and get search results in this French language.

Fast pages loading time

The Linguise multilingual translation has a dedicated cache server, once a translation is made or needs to be updated we first check if we can serve an instant HTML cached version as a translated page

XML sitemap translation

Linguise generates XML sitemap based on your main website sitemap, and it’s automatically updated when a bot comes to crawl and index your new multilingual contents. Multiple sitemap are also supported

Inline content translation

Inline code (like hyperlinks or bold text) is considered as complicated to handle by automatic translation tools. It has to be regrouped as an individual sentence to keep the content context. Linguise uses a custom tool to brings an accurate translation of the HTML inline content

We install it on your website for you

Linguise instant translation is effortless to set up as it requires only the language selection and to connect the script to Linguise website. But anyway, we can do that for you!

How to get started?

1. Create your account and register your domain here >>
2. Follow the related documentation to activate the translation here >>