Translate your website automatically with a perfect quality

Get the best out of the automatic Neural Machine translation (NMT), supported by manual revisions

Experience the Best in Class Neural Machine Translation

Machine translation is the task of automatically converting source text in one language to text in another language and on the other hand, Neural machine translation (NMT), is the use of neural network translation models to learn and improve machine translation.

At Linguise, we use Google best in class NMT models to ensure you get the most accurate translations for your content. The models are constantly updated, providing our clients with guaranteed improved translation accuracy available in various languages.


Check our demo website translation quality, with a 100% neural machine translation!

Enjoy a Pixel perfect frontend translation

Once your website is connected to the Linguise dashboard, all your website content is translated using the neural machine translation. Every piece of content is editable by a translator from your website public side, using a simple login / password.

Use translation rules and get your website ready in no-time

Linguise got a very advanced system of rule to replace or exclude content from translation in many conditions, this is the perfect tool to increase your translation quality in no-time. Translation replacement or exclusion can be conditioned by, URLs, languages, HTML element, text case.


Save time with minimal revisions of your translated content

Many industries use neural translation technology, and our high-quality translation service has the advantage to instantly provide translations in many languages. Thanks to an exceptional quality, you will need minimal content revisions, 10%-20% at most!

Translation quality by language pair

Language translation pair: a language pair is formed when one language is translated into another language. When English is translated into Spanish, this is called an English-Spanish language pair. Not all language pairs are equal in neural machine translation, it varies from the accuracy of 82% to 98%. English to Spanish translation has an accuracy of 97%, meaning that at most you’ll need to edit 3% of the content to have a 100% perfect translation.

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