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Manual Edits on development domain

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Thanks for the product. Looks very helpful so far.

We have a question about how Linguise can fit in our workflow.

We are developing a new website on a development domain, and testing Linguise successfully. We're wondering the best approach for using the Live Editor to make manual edits to the automatic translation, keeping in mind that we will eventually change the site to the permanent, live domain.

So, if we make manual edits, will there be a way to transfer/take those edits with us to the live domain?

Or will any edits be lost when we change domains, meaning we should only START edits after moving domains?

Thanks for any guidance!

Posted : 25/10/2022 3:53 pm
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Thanks for your valuable feedback.
In fact, the domain is not editable, this is another project for the Linguise tool, so all manual editions would be lost.

I would recommend that you do translations manual edit on the final domain.


Posted : 26/10/2022 6:52 am

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