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pt-BR Language

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 Jose Correa
(@Jose Correa)
Topic starter

I'm Brazilian and I need the pt-BR language and the Brazilian flag. How can I add this in Linguise?
I only found the language and the flag of Portugal.

Posted : 04/08/2022 3:42 am
Tristan reacted

Hi Jose,

We just dig a bit further, and it seems that the pt-br is even more used than the pt-pt, it's also available in the translation API.
We'll add that in our language list with the flag related. I let you know when it's done.

Can you please let me know if there are many differences in the languages? For example, do you often get Google search result from website in pt-pt instead of pt-br? (this is just for my personal information)





Posted : 04/08/2022 8:53 am

Hi again,

I've made a mistake, the Portuguese language available is only the pt-pt in the API.

We'll still add the Brazilian language flag as an option in the settings.


Posted : 05/08/2022 12:41 pm
 Jose Correa
(@Jose Correa)
Topic starter

Hi Tristan,
Yes, there are many differences between the two languages, including words in Portuguese that we Brazilians don't know and the same happens to them. About Google search results, as my browser is in Portuguese BR I don't think I ever got a result from Portugal pt-pt.

Thanks for your attention!

Posted : 06/08/2022 2:25 am

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