What is the cost of translating a Website in several languages?


Do you want to know what kind of website translation costs you should expect for your next multilingual website? If you are looking to maximize the potential audience for your website, you are going to have to fine-tune the experience. One of the main things to start with is to translate your content into multiple […]

Using automatic translation SEO for travel agencies websites


Do you know what is behind tourism website translation? Last December was that particular time of the year when everyone is trying to make plans for the holidays. We are all looking for some well-deserved vacations to spend with the family or maybe with friends. Because of that, I’ve been thinking about how the internet […]

What is the Neural Machine Translation?


Neural machine translation (NMT) is an algorithm used to translate words from one language to another. It is said that high quality NMT can determine the context of the translation and use models to offer a more accurate translation. Google Translate, DeepL, Yandex, Baidu Translate are well-known examples of NMT available to the public via […]

Welcome to Linguise 1.0!


We are pleased to welcome you on our new translation service Linguise. It’s been a long road since we’ve started developing the tool, and we’re proud to announce that we’ve already served several millions of pages translated on a hundred of websites before we choose to go public. Website translation is complex If you have […]