Why you should translate your crypto-related website into at least 5 languages

Why you should translate your crypto-related website into at least 5 languages
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The rapid development of the crypto industry compels crypto platforms or websites to adapt to current needs.

Crypto users originate not only from a few countries but almost worldwide, as indicated by data on the Triple-A website. In 2023, it is estimated that there will be 420+ million crypto users globally, and this figure is expected to continue rising over time.

Considering users spread across various countries and regions, crypto site owners must provide language preferences according to their users’ regions.

So, why should crypto sites be translated, at least into 5 languages? This article will discuss why you should translate it and the steps to translate a crypto site.

Countries with the largest cryptocurrency ownership

Before delving into the reasons why translation is necessary, let’s briefly discuss the statistics of countries with the largest cryptocurrency ownership.

As mentioned above, there are 420 million users who own cryptocurrency. The total number of users comes from various countries around the world. The 420+ million users are distributed across several regions:

  1. North America – 57 million
  2. South America – 33 million
  3. Europe – 31 million
  4. Africa – 38 million
  5. Asia – 263 million
  6. Oceania – 1 million.

From this data, it can be concluded that crypto users originate from various parts of the world. Therefore, it is important to provide language translations for them.

5 language options that can be added to crypto websites

In addition to knowing the regions with the largest cryptocurrency ownership, it is also important for you to know which languages should be added to the crypto website.

We will delve into each country in more detail from the six regions mentioned earlier. This time, we will focus on the top 5 countries with cryptocurrency ownership. Here is the data for the year 2023.

  1. India: 93.5 million
  2. China: 59.1 million
  3. United States: 52.8 million
  4. Vietnam: 20.9 million
  5. Pakistan: 15.8 million.

The languages spoken in these five countries are Hindi, Mandarin, English (US), Vietnamese, and Urdu. These languages should be added to your crypto website to represent the largest cryptocurrency ownership. Hence, there is significant potential for visitors from these countries to explore your website for crypto-related information.

Benefits of translating crypto websites into 5 languages

After knowing which countries have the largest cryptocurrency ownership and which languages can be considered, it’s now time to understand the reasons why a crypto site should be translated. Here are some of the reasons.

Improving understanding of products or services

Translating a crypto website into various languages plays a crucial role in enhancing users’ understanding of the offered products or services. Information presented in a language understood by users has the potential for better comprehension. Accurate translations enable users to understand crypto concepts, product features and benefits more effectively. Consequently, this minimizes the occurrence of miscommunication amidst the highly technical and complex crypto terminology.

Accelerating crypto adoption

Crypto adoption refers to the process by which people start using and accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment or investment.

By providing information and guidance in different languages, crypto websites offer broader accessibility for users from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Language barriers often pose a significant obstacle for individuals interested in understanding and using cryptocurrency. Therefore, language translations can overcome this hurdle.

Language translations can expedite crypto adoption by opening opportunities for more people to engage with the crypto ecosystem. Whether for new users seeking to grasp the basics of blockchain technology or investors exploring opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.

Expanding user reach

Translating a crypto website opens up opportunities to reach a global audience effectively. By translating into at least five languages, platforms can reach users in various countries and regions, expanding their reach and growth potential. This also creates opportunities to attract users from markets with high crypto interest but lack sufficient education due to language barriers.

Adapting to local preferences

Each country has different cultural and language preferences. Translation allows crypto platforms to tailor content to local preferences, creating a more personalized and relevant user experience. This may involve adjusting terms, layout design, or presenting information differently based on local customs.

It’s important to remember that in a world filled with technical terms and complex concepts, translation is not just about substituting words in a different language. Accurate translation also involves adapting content to fit cultural context and local understanding.

Enhancing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) globally

Translating a crypto website can enhance search engine optimization (SEO) globally. Search engines rank websites higher if they offer multilingual content, as it can reach users with various search queries. Thus, translating into five languages can help improve the visibility of a crypto platform in search results worldwide, especially in countries with the chosen languages.

It’s also crucial to implement multilingual SEO tips to ensure that your crypto website is well-optimized.

Increasing trust and transparency

Translation into languages understood by users helps build trust and transparency. Users tend to feel more comfortable and confident when information is presented in a language they are proficient in. This creates more open and understandable communication, ultimately boosting user trust in the crypto platform and reducing the risk of misunderstandings.

Best practices for translating crypto websites and go to the moon

Translating a crypto website involves more than just language translation; it requires a deep understanding of the crypto community, its slang, and market trends. Here are some best practices to ensure a smooth translation journey and enhance your crypto website:

  • Fully understand crypto: The key principle in translation is to convey accurate information. Translators must fully comprehend the content before rendering it in the local language to avoid misunderstandings. Failing to do so may lead to misleading information and more problems.
  • Understand crypto slang: Crypto often has its own slang and unique branding slogans that may sound strange when translated. Familiarize yourself with the terms the community uses, and use the excluded text from translation to handle specific terms that may not have direct equivalents in other languages.
  • Avoid literal translations: Since many languages lack direct equivalents for crypto terms, it’s advisable to avoid literal translations. For instance, French speakers prefer “blockchain” over the literal translation “chaîne de blocs.” Choose terms wisely to adapt or retain in the original language.
  • Collaborate with crypto-savvy translators: For contextually accurate translations, you can add translators and collaborate with those who deeply understand the crypto industry. Working with professionals fluent in the crypto community’s language and culture ensures accurate and contextually relevant translations.
  • Focus on the original message: Maintaining the core of the original message is crucial, and while paraphrasing is not entirely negative, the primary focus should be on keeping the core message simple and easily understandable – a primary goal in translating crypto content.
  • Verify accuracy with native speakers: After translation, consider having native speakers or crypto enthusiasts review the content. Their insights can help capture nuances that automated tools might overlook.
  • Stay updated with market trends: Crypto and its trends and terminologies are dynamic. Provide information on the latest developments to keep your translations current and aligned with the evolving language of the crypto world.
  • Test with a small audience and crypto enthusiasts: Before a large-scale launch, consider testing translated content with a smaller audience. Direct testing with crypto enthusiasts, who better understand the topic, can provide valuable feedback for adjustments before reaching a broader audience.
  • Maintain terminology consistency: Ensure consistency in using specific crypto terms across the website. This helps build a strong brand identity and ensures users can easily understand the intended messages.


Break Language Barriers
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Translate your crypto website automatically using Linguise

Now you know why translating a crypto website into at least 5 languages ​​is important and the best practices. It’ s the time for you to determine which website translation service to use

To obtain high-quality translations, seeking automated website translation services that deliver top-notch results and can collaborate with humans through manual translation is crucial.

Various automated translation services are available, one of which is Linguise. As a website translation service, Linguise offers outstanding features that can assist in translating crypto websites, such as 100% SEO support. Additionally, Linguise is suitable for various types of websites, including crypto.

Linguise is well-suited for translating crypto websites and other notable features.

Supports over 40 CMS

The first reason is that Linguise supports and is compatible with dozens of CMS (Content Management Systems) and web builders. Over 40 integrated CMS platforms can be seamlessly paired with Linguise.

Popular CMS and web builders include WordPress, Joomla, Squarespace, and others. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about whether your CMS can be equipped with Linguise.

Moreover, you can install Linguise in just a few steps. For further guidance, refer to the “How to Translate a Website with Linguise” guide.

Provides over 80 language options

As mentioned earlier, there are 5 language options that you can add to your crypto website: Hindi, Mandarin, English (US), Vietnamese, and Urdu.

All of these languages are available in Linguise. If you wish to add languages other than the initial 5, don’t worry because Linguise offers over 75 additional languages.

You can check the languages available, as shown in the image below.

languages available - Why you should translate your crypto related website into at least 5 languages

Capable of live editing translations

Once Linguise is seamlessly installed, all content on your website will be automatically translated. However, don’t worry, if there are translations that are not quite fitting, you can directly edit them using the live editor feature.

This feature allows you to select the translation language and edit it on the front page of the site.

Supports translation exclusion

The ability to exclude translations is one of Linguise’s standout features that makes it highly relevant and effective in translating websites, especially for content containing specific technical phrases or terms, as found in the crypto world.

In the context of crypto, certain pages or sections of a website might contain technical terms or phrases that are better retained in their original language.

With Linguise’s translation exclusion feature, users can specify particular pages or sections that do not need translation. This can exclude based on URLs, text, or lines, ensuring accuracy and precision in conveying technical content.

Below is an example of the use of the translation exclusion feature based on content.

translation exclusion - Why you should translate your crypto related website into at least 5 languages

Allows collaboration with professional translators

The next feature is the ability to collaborate with professional translators who have a deep understanding of the crypto world and can provide more accurate and context-specific translations.

You can set up translators as needed for translations. With this feature, you can also grant specific access rights to translators, such as providing access only to certain languages and access to a dedicated translator dashboard.

setup translators - Why you should translate your crypto related website into at least 5 languages
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Crypto users come from various corners of the world, hence it is crucial to translate a crypto website into at least 5 languages. Some reasons why you should translate it include improving your understanding of your crypto products or services, reaching a broader customer base, enhancing trust, and much more.

To generate accurate translations, it’s important to choose a quality translation service. Linguise emerges as a translation solution for various website types, including Crypto.

With its outstanding features, your crypto website can achieve 97% accuracy in translation. So, what are you waiting for? Register with Linguise, enjoy a free trial for 1 month, and translate up to 600 thousand words. 

Ready to explore new markets? Try our automatic translation service for free with our 1-month risk-free trial. No credit card needed!

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