Translate your BigCommerce store with Cloud AI automatic translation

Build a multilingual BigCommerce online store using our Cloud AI automatic translation app

Improve BigCommerce SEO with high-quality translations app

Grow your business globally with new customers from around the globe with ease. Linguise, help you translate large website with fully indexed. All pages automatically update with unique URLs, alternate links, and HTML language tags. Real-time updates and indexing!

A simple fact: adding your content into just 5 additional languages, you can expect around a 40% boost in website traffic on average.

Increase BigCommerce conversion rate with translations

Providing visitors with native languages can improve conversion rates and experiences on your site. We translate 100% of your content into multiple languages – from product pages to checkout and payment.

Boost Your Online Store S Client Growth

User-friendly front end translation dashboard

Our app’s user-friendly dashboard enables easy live editing of all content on your BigCommerce store page with just a few clicks, making it simple to manage translation your site.

Unlimited translations option for your BigCommerce store

Linguise offers an unlimited translation plan for large websites. If your BigCommerce website store is composed of hundreds, even thousands of pages or products, and you’re targeting let’s say 10 new countries with 10 new languages, your translation volume will also be considerable.

Control your translation cost and gain many new customers with our LARGE and UNLIMITED plan.

Unlimited Translations For Your Bigcommerce Based Website

BigCommerce store language switcher advanced design

After BigCommerce translation is activated on your store, you will need to set up a language switcher that includes both flag and language names. With our BigCommerce language switcher configuration, you have a variety of design options to choose from. It can be displayed as a pop-up, drop-down, or side-by-side in any position on your store site. The setup process is completed from your Linguise account dashboard and synchronized into your website’s public side.

Using High Quality AI Translations

High-quality plugin translations for BigCommerce

Linguise’s technology is trusted by a thousand sites worldwide. We offer unbeatable translation quality, features and optimize websites for search engines.

More information about translation quality >


Integrated with the Google Merchant Center product feed

Connect your BigCommerce data feed to Google Shopping to expand your reach. Extend your eCommerce presence by translating all product information for different countries. Linguise will handle this for you automatically!

Advanced Translation Rules And Dictionaries

Advanced translation rules and dictionaries

Linguise has an advanced translation rule system that can edit all translated content on your BigCommerce  website. Rules allow you to replace text, and exclude translations by language, URLs, HTML tags, and more.

Ask for a free installation on your BigCommerce Online Store

Get your BigCommerce online store translated in 10 minutes with our high-quality neural translation tool – we will do this for you, free of charge!

Ask For A Free Installation On Your Bigcommerce Website

Other features of BigCommerce automatic translation

AMP and Google Shopping pages

Linguise is fully compatible with Google AMP and Google Shopping. Automatically translate all your multilingual shop content feeds and AMP pages. Get new customers on mobile and Google Shopping all around the world.

Inline BigCommerce translation

Inline code (like hyperlinks or bold text) is considered as complicated to handle by translation tools. It has to be regrouped as an individual sentence to keep the content context. Linguise uses a custom tool to brings an accurate translation of the HTML inline content.

Fast BigCommerce page display

The Linguise multilingual translation has a dedicated cache server. Once a translation is made or needs to be updated, we first check if we can serve an instant HTML cached version as a BigCommerce translated page.

BigCommerce sitemap translation

BigCommerce generates XML sitemaps of your pages natively in the SEO tools. It’s automatically translated by Linguise and also updated when a search engine bot crawls it, indexing your new multilingual instantly

How to get started?
1. Create your account and register your domain here >>
2. Follow the related documentation to activate the translation here >>