Automatic translation extension for TYPO3 CMS

Translate your TYPO3 based website instantly with our automatic, cloud AI translation service

Translate all TYPO3 and extension

Linguise’s automatic translation for TYPO3 seamlessly translates all page contents at once, including blocks, headers, menus, and footers. There’s no need to manually access each element in the CMS admin individually for translation.

The translation handles all pages in bulk when the automatic is activated, so 100% of TYPO3 is translated and stays 100% translated over time.

Translate TYPO3 Extension Features

How to translate a TYPO3 website automatically with our script

Easy To Install, Works On TYPO3 + All PHP Servers

Easy to install, works on TYPO3 + All PHP servers

Setting up Linguise’s translation system with TYPO3 is easy! Simply upload the script, enter your API key, and ensure your .htaccess is correctly configured for URL rewriting. Instantly, your website is translated into multiple languages. Plus, it’s fully compatible across all web servers: Apache, LiteSpeed, NginX, and IIS.

Boost your TYPO3 website SEO instantly!​

Automatically translates your pages, menus, widgets, footers, and more into multiple languages. These translated pages are immediately updated with the correct URLs and links. 

Our script is designed with SEO in mind, ensuring your multilingual content is optimized for search engines. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that important SEO features like meta translation and alternate URLs are covered, regardless of your TYPO3 configuration.

seo friendly typo3 translation

Automatic seamless translation for TYPO3

TYPO3 needs an automatic seamless translation to grab more customers. Now, you don’t need to translate each element. Linguise uses dynamic translation, which allows dynamically generated content, such as AJAX requests, to be translated in real-time without refreshing the page.  It means that users can easily interact with pages in a language they are comfortable with. 

More information about dynamic translation >

Lightning-fast TYPO3 translation extension!

Need a fast, SEO-friendly multilingual solution for the TYPO3 website? We ensure smooth translations without slowing down performance.

Linguise avoids storing multiple language versions, reducing data clutter. Our remote cache system boosts load times. It’s as quick as default PHP CMS systems with speed optimizations.

fast translation TYPO3
TYPO3 CMS ECommerce Extension Translation

TYPO3 CMS eCommerce extension translation

Linguise simplifies multilingual content for eCommerce sites on TYPO3 CMS. Using AI Cloud Translation, it auto-translates content into 85+ languages, ensuring product info is always updated in multiple languages. When one language is updated, others are automatically synced, guaranteeing aligned product pages and improved SEO. Merchants save time and effort without manual translations.

Simple and easy editing TYPO3 translation from the front-end

Start translations with AI and make it perfect with human touch. Use our intuitive front-end editor for on-the-spot adjustments. Simply click on the text to edit from your TYPO3 frontend! Merging Linguise’s AI-powered translations with expert reviews ensures translations are both fluent and nuanced.

Translate your large TYPO3 website without any limitations

The automatic translation for TYPO3 CMS can be used with a large amount of content and many languages. We have a membership plan that offers unlimited translations for all your website pages in all languages, and because we have a large volume of usage, it’s the most affordable on the market.

unlimited translation for TYPO3

Other features of the TYPO3 automatic translation management system

AMP multilingual pages

Linguise is fully working with Google AMP technology, automatically load all your TYPO3 multilingual pages with their AMP version, no more effort required. Compatible with all AMP tools.

Content search engine

Your website search will also available for multilingual pages, meaning that you can run a search query in French and get search results in this French language.

Fast TYPO3 pages loading time

The Linguise multilingual translation has a dedicated cache server, once a TYPO3 translation is made or needs to be updated we first check if we can serve an instant HTML cached version as a translated page

TYPO3 XML sitemap translation

Linguise generates XML sitemap based on your main TYPO3 website sitemap, and it’s automatically updated when a bot comes to crawl and index your new multilingual contents. Multiple sitemap are also supported

Inline TYPO3 content translation

Inline code (like hyperlinks or bold text) is considered as complicated to handle by automatic translation tools. It has to be regrouped as an individual sentence to keep the content context. Linguise uses a custom tool to brings an accurate translation of the HTML inline content

How to get started?

1. Create your account and register your domain here >>
2. Follow the related documentation to activate the translation here >>