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Running a large woo store, question before purchase.

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Hi! I run a woo store with 4 thousand products, here are a few questions.

1. We are located in France and want to expand to Germany, I have bought our domain with the German .de sign. Can I index on google and when someone clicks on it they enter the site with the German translation? Basically we currently have in french and with the German expansion we want to have loading the german translation automatically and indexing in german automatically as well. But its the same site.

2. We have 4k products, we don't require super advanced "AI" translations, if I could use a simple google translator and Index it on google I would (I only don't because there seems to be no option available.) How fast is this service? I don't want heavy processes running on our server, I want something simple and fast. 

Posted : 28/06/2022 10:51 am
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Hi Laour!


1. Currently, we do not support different domain per language, Linguise is using subdirectories for languages. It means that the German translation will be available on The German version of the pages will be indexed quickly mainly because of the alternate tags placed on your French pages (among other optimizations).
Though, you can redirect the .de version to the German version /de.

More SEO tips can be found here:

2. You did your research great there's no basic machine translation integration with SEO feature included. French to German offer a great quality of translation as the model are well-trained because they are popular languages. Note that the quality of translation is also important for SEO.
Regarding the performance, this is something we've worked on a lot. Once the translation is created the first time the page is visited, URL and translated are stored in a dedicated cache server + the plugin offer the possibility to store local HTML page cache.

Based on test we've made, you'll only experience a 0.2/0.4sec delay on a translated page compared to the original version (depending on your server power). And you have a one-month free trial with up to 600K words translated to test that 🙂

Hope it helps, cheers,

Posted : 28/06/2022 11:42 am

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