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I have several questions.

I have a wordpress multisite site. Would it work here too?

Translations are done in subfolders?

And finally, once the site is translated, if I delete the plugin (and therefore the subscription), do I lose the translations? I ask this because most of the translation plugins I have used, slow down the website exponentially.

And if I don't want to continue with the monthly subscription, do I lose my translations even if I have the plugin installed?

it translates all the strings (slug, yoast seo metadata, tags, etc?

Are the translations stored in my database or in your cloud?

thank you very much

Posted : 10/09/2022 1:10 pm
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If your multisite are installed in subfolders you can use a single subscription to translate all. On the other hand, it's not possible to translate all your website if you use subdomains. You'll have to order a subscription per subdomain in this case.

Linguise translate and stores translation in our own servers.
It prevents overload of your website if you have a lot of content and saves a lot of space in your database.
Of course, if you delete the plugin and cancel the subscription, you'll lose the translation.

Linguise takes care of translating metadata, tags, sitemaps, and all translatable HTML content your website is serving. For the SEO data you can edit them from the frontend editor:


Posted : 16/09/2022 4:46 am

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