High-quality, automatic translation extension for Magento

Translate instantly your Magento Open Source website using our automatic and high-quality translation plugin

Experience a super light Magento translation system

All eCommerce CMS systems are complex and therefore require numerous pages, database requests, image processing resulting in a slow loading time. This is even more true when you add the Magento translation module.

That is a real problem for eCommerce websites regarding SEO and user experience. However, Linguise’s multilingual instant translation has a remote cache system and does not duplicate any content on your local database, among other optimizations.


Seamless automatic translation for Magento

Magento needs a multilingual website to reach more customers and improve their shopping experience. Linguise allows Magento website to be translated with dynamic content using AJAX, it can automatically translate and manage all content without refreshing the page. The result is a better user experience and it should increase business reach. 

How to automatically translate Magento with our script


A better transformation rate with translations

In eCommerce marketing, the transformation rate needs to be as high as possible, especially during the navigation and the payment processes. With Linguise’s Magento integration, you’ll be able to translate all the pages, in all languages, from the product page to the final payment. That will definitively improve your transformation rate!

Are you ready to boot your Magento SEO?

Content is king when we’re talking SEO, which means content quality and quantity. Magento’s websites can host thousands of products that are updated each week! This is where our Magento neural machine translation comes in, let’s say you create 10 new product pages multiplied by 20 languages, which becomes 200 new indexed product pages. All pages are instantly updated in all languages and are fully indexed as we generate page translated URLs and alternate links.

Of course, Linguise is also compatible with Magento SEO modules as all the SEO optimizations like meta information, canonical URL… are instantly translated.


All Magento translations in a single place

Magento websites tend to have many products, complicating the translation in some instances, as you need to find the right content to edit! However, with a unified administration panel, you have access to all your Magento translation in all languages in a single place. From there you can edit any translation or apply translation rules like “text replace” or “text ignore” on all your products on few clicks.

Fully compatible with all Magento modules

Magento has an important module store that helps clients to customize their Eshop. Therefore, there are many elements to translate such as the product pages, category pages, cart views, header, footers… Linguise translates all these elements in a single action – there is no need for one by one editing!

Furthermore, if you’re using Magento native translation language file system let’s say used for one language, you can add Linguise over it temporarily.


Edit your Magento translations from the front-end

Magento automatic neural machine translation can be supplemented by additional human translation. To get a pixel-perfect translation for your website, a professional translator will need to check between 10% and 20% of your content. Linguise makes it easy with advanced global translation exclusions and replacement rules, as well as with a front-end translation tool.

Translate your Google Merchant Center product feed

Google Shopping is connected to a Magento product data feed which then becomes your Google Shopping feed. If you are selling products to particular countries or just want to expend your eCommerce reach, you’ll need to translate all product information. Linguise is integrated with Google Merchant Center product feed and will do that for you, automatically!

Other features of the Magento automatic translation

AMP and Google Shopping pages

Linguise is fully compatible with Google AMP and Google Shopping. Automatically load all your multilingual pages with their AMP version and add your multilingual product feed to Google Shopping!

Magento product catalog search

The Magento product catalog search is available for multilingual pages, meaning that you can run a search query in Magento content and get search results in your language. It also works with 3rd party search extensions

We install it on Magento

Linguise instant translation is effortless to set up for Magento as it requires only the Linguise language selection and to install the PHP script for PrestaShop. However, we can do that for you!

Magento sitemap translation

Magento generates XML sitemaps based on your shop products. It’s automatically translated and updated when a bot crawls and indexes your new multilingual eCommerce pages

Inline Magento translation

Inline code (like hyperlinks or bold text) is considered as complicated to handle by automatic translation tools. It has to be regrouped as an individual sentence to keep the content context. Linguise uses a custom tool to brings an accurate translation of the HTML inline content

Fast Magento page display

The Linguise multilingual translation has a dedicated cache server. Once a translation is made or needs to be updated, we first check if we can serve an instant HTML cached version as a Magento translated page.

How to get started?
1. Create your account and register your domain here >>
2. Follow the related documentation to activate the translation here >>