Multilingual GoDaddy Websites: Google Translate or Cloud AI? What’s Best?

Does GoDaddy website Builder goes multilingual with Google Translate or Cloud AI Translation
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Are you a GoDaddy web builder user and intend to create a multilingual website? As a web hosting service, GoDaddy provides several options for creating multilingual websites on its platform.

However, some users still don’t know what options GoDaddy provides for creating a multilingual website. Therefore, this article will discuss each option in full, along with its advantages and disadvantages.

Does GoDaddy website builder support multilingual websites?

For those of you who want to set up GoDaddy’s automatic translation into any language, don’t worry because this service supports creating multilingual websites.

Website developers can create multilingual sites using the GoDaddy platform by combining methods such as manual translation or integration with translation services such as Google Translate or AI Cloud Translation. While GoDaddy’s native support for multilingual features may have limitations, developers can leverage this method to create and manage multilingual websites on the platform effectively.

So, in this article, we will discuss two methods that can be applied to GoDaddy web builders.

Benefits of having a multilingual website with GoDaddy

Before discussing the explanation of the method, it is essential to know what benefits you will get if you successfully create a GoDaddy multilingual website.

Translating a site into various languages ​​is undoubtedly motivated by several reasons. So, below are some benefits you will get if you translate the GoDaddy site.

  • Reach a wider global audience: By offering your website in multiple languages, you can reach a wider audience across different regions and demographics. This broader reach can increase traffic, engagement, and potential customers or clients.
  • Promotes better user experience: Providing content in users’ preferred language improves their experience on your website. Visitors are likelier to stay longer, explore your content, and ultimately take the desired action, such as making a purchase or asking a question.
  • Differentiate from competitors: having a multilingual website sets you apart from competitors who only offer content in one language. This can be a differentiating factor for attracting international customers or clients and positioning your brand as a more user-friendly site.
  • Improve search engine optimization efforts: Multilingual websites target keywords and phrases in multiple languages. This results in the potential to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) for users searching in that language, ultimately increasing organic traffic to your site.
  • Higher conversions: Studies show that people are more likely to interact and convert on websites that speak their language. You can increase conversion rates and achieve your business goals more effectively by providing content in multiple languages.
  • Improve customer support: you can strengthen relationships with international customers and increase customer satisfaction by providing services. By providing customer support in a language your customers understand, you can eliminate communication barriers that may arise due to language differences. This allows customers to convey questions, concerns, or requests more clearly.

This means that translating a website into various languages ​​can bring many benefits, ranging from reaching users more widely, increasing conversion rates, and improving SEO to improve the quality of customer service.

After knowing what benefits you will get from making your website multilingual, now is the time to know how to make it happen.

Google Translate or Cloud AI for multilingual GoDaddy website?

Several alternatives exist to creating a multilingual website on the GoDaddy website builder. Each alternative has advantages and disadvantages, which can be considered later when choosing a translation method.

In general, 2 alternatives will be used to create a multilingual website on the GoDaddy website builder, including the following.

Google Translate

The first alternative is Google Translate. GoDaddy provides the Google Translate feature for free, which is available on the editor’s website. If you use Google Translate, review the content before publishing.

However, Google Translate on GoDaddy does not support translating some of the elements below.

  • Personalization rules
  • blog post
  • SEO title and description pages are not translated automatically, but you can translate them manually.
  • Custom widgets

Apart from that, as reported on the GoDaddy help page, when using the Google Translate feature, there are several notes you need to pay attention to, namely:

  • GoDaddy sites with more than 200 pages cannot be translated into multiple languages.
  • The language symbols on the website will use the ISO 639 code.

Additionally, once a website is translated into multiple languages, new content added to one particular language version will not be automatically translated and synced to other language versions.

Therefore, adding some languages ​​late in the site development stage is better after all the content in the site’s native language is final.


  • Free, easy to use
  • More than 100 languages ​​are available because Google Translate supports it
  • The translation process is carried out quickly
  • GoDaddy’s translation editor is available


  • Does not always provide accurate translations
  • Some elements and pages cannot be translated
  • Does not support SEO optimization
  • SEO elements must be translated manually (title, description, keywords, ALT text)
  • Any changes you make to any language version (for example, changing text or adding/removing Widgets) will not be applied to other versions of your site.
  • There are no advanced features like translation language switcher design
  • Less flexible in adding content

Cloud AI translation

The second alternative is AI cloud translation, which has some drawbacks. So, the shortcomings found in Google Translate can be resolved in the AI Translation cloud.

Cloud AI Translation is an automatic translation service based on artificial intelligence technology provided via the cloud. This technology uses advanced AI and machine learning models to translate text from one language to another. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of cloud AI translation methods.


  • Supports approximately 135 languages
  • Translation quality is more accurate with more advanced neural machine translation techniques
  • High scalability, can translate large amounts of content
  • Seamless integration via API/SDK or official plugins


  • Paid service requires more budget
  • Technical expertise required for integration and customization
  • Not yet able to produce a translation with cultural nuances
  • No advanced features (exclusion of translation, media translation, and external links)

Below is a comparison table between Google Translate and Cloud AI translation.

infographic google translation - Multilingual GoDaddy Websites: Google Translate or Cloud AI?

When compared to Google Translate, cloud AI provides better benefits, therefore this method could be an option.

AI Translation cloud technology can be found in various automatic website translation services, one of which is Linguise. So, what is Linguise, and why is it one of the AI ​​Translation cloud choices for translating GoDaddy multilingual websites?

Break Language Barriers
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Linguise: best cloud AI translation for multilingual GoDaddy website

Linguise is one of the automated website translation services with NMT technology and AI translation and is integrated with GoDaddy web builder.

This service combines machine translation technology and various translation enhancement features to produce better translation results.

So why is Linguise one of the best AI cloud translation choices for GoDaddy web builders? Here are some conveniences.

  • Almost perfect translation quality: Linguise uses Google’s NMT translation model and AI to perfect quality that is almost 97% similar to professional translators. You only need to edit the remaining 3% via the live editor feature or collaborate with a translator to perfect it.
  • 100% supports SEO optimization: The language is SEO friendly and supports multilingual SEO implementations such as multilingual sitemaps, meta description translation, use of canonical URLs, etc. That way, the translated results page will also be well-optimized to appear on the browser search page.
  • Live translation editor feature: translation results in Linguise can be improved using the front-end live editor. This feature allows you to translate translation results that are still not suitable. That way, you can adjust to the cultural nuances of the destination country.
  • There are various advanced features: various advanced linguistic features that can help the translation process to be perfect, for example, exclude translation, which means that some content will not be translated or left in the original. As well as the feature of adding translators, you can invite any number of translators who are more proficient in the selected translation languages.
  • Translate all website elements: when integrated with Linguise, all pages on your website will automatically be translated. Not only posting content but also all the elements on the site, such as buttons, navigation, and many more. This is very useful if you have an online shop website and need to translate the checkout and payment pages because it helps outside visitors understand the product well.
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Build your GoDaddy multilingual website using Linguise!

Translating your site into various languages ​​is important for those of you who target international visitors. If you are a GoDaddy user, don’t worry, this platform allows you to create a multilingual GoDaddy website.

To translate a site that you have created on GoDaddy, two methods can be used, Google Translate, which is available on GoDaddy, or integrating AI Translation cloud services such as Linguise with various features that are more complete than Google Translate.

So, which is the best? Google Translate or AI cloud translation with Linguise, you can decide now.

For those of you who are interested in building a GoDaddy multilingual website with Linguise, we offer a 1 month free trial, after that install Linguise automatic translation in GoDaddy Website Builder and enjoy its best features.

What are you waiting for? Register a Linguise account now and add a website domain to make your site multilingual!

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