Automatically redirecting users to their browser language; Is it a good call?

Apart from a smooth interface, incredible page loading speed, and easy navigation, there is one more thing that can enhance the multilingual user experience profoundly but is often ignored by online business owners — Language redirection. Let’s suppose you find the perfect website for your needs, but the only thing that goes wrong is that […]

How to choose your translation languages with analytics and market data

Website translation is not a new feature, but it is quickly gaining traction. As the digital marketplace takes over how we conduct business, organizations have had to change how they communicate with their audience. The global reach of the digital world means you have to cater to different people from different parts of the world. […]

Christmas Sale, Get 20% Off on All New Translation Plans!

end of year sale

December 2023 – As the festive season rolls in with its cheer and joy, we at Linguise are thrilled to bring you a special holiday treat to make your website translation journey even more exciting! 🎄 Embrace the Spirit of Christmas with a Special Offer 🔖 Your Holiday Coupon: CHRISTMAS​ This Christmas, we’re offering a […]

How to measure the translation ROI

How to measure the translation ROI

Do you want to calculate the resulting website investment results? Here’s how to measure translation ROI and increase ROI with Linguise

Linguise, Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023 deal!

Linguise Black Friday & Cyber Monday Super Sale – 30% OFF Creating a multilingual website with high-quality translation can be challenging. Our mission is to help you reach a broader audience and provide the best experience for your website visitor in the native language.  Linguise is a cloud-based, AI-powered automatic translation service designed to boost website […]